Jungle Brothers, Straight Out The Jungle  
Jungle Brothers
Straight Out The Jungle
Label: Warlock Records
2nd Press
Release Year: 1988
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Condition Vinyl: Very Good
Condition Cover: Very Good
  1. Straight Out The Jungle
2. What's Going On
3. Black Is Black
4. Jimbrowski
5. I'm Gonna Do You
6. I'll House You
7. On The Run
8. Behind The Bush
9. Because I Got It Like That
10. Braggin & Boastin
11. Sounds Of The Safari
12. Jimmy's Bonus Beat
13. The Promo
  JB's, the Native Tongues, Jungle Brothers, whatever you want to call them, all stood up with black pride and kicked off the Native Tongues era with Straight Out the Jungle, released in '88. Public Enemy stood up with pride, A Tribe Called Quest stood up with pride, De La Soul stood up with pride, Big Daddy Kane stood up with pride but I had never seen anyone stand up with as much pride as the Jungle Brothers and represent the black nation to the fullest. This is the most definitive declaration of Afrocentric pride and genre-splicing experimentation.
Political but incredible, the Jungle Brothers were tired of the style used in the days where you would introduce yourself too much. Instead, they rapped about political reform and struggle, though they still had the guts to talk about themselves in their sex rhymes (I'm Gonna Do You, anyone?)
Their What's Goin On, sampling Marvin Gaye's track of the same name, inspirational Black is Black, featuring a very young Q. Tip of A Tribe Called Quest where every rapper was a potent race manifesto and the gold-spanking Straight Out of the Jungle all put Jungle Brothers on the map. And what's a good rap album without a dance track? The Jungle Brothers took it to the next level and created a hip-house type song titled I'll House You.
Though A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul gained more recognition, the Jungle Brothers were the first to do it. They paved their way for spiritual and influential hip-hop and they did it. Nas' Illmatic was described as the ghetto's declaration for independence, let this album be described as the black nations' declaration for peace.

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