Micall Parknsun, The Working Class Dad  
Micall Parknsun
The Working Class Dad
Label: Lowlife
Release Year: 2006
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Welcome
2. So What
3. I dont Wanna Stay Here
4. Hungry feat Dubbledge
5. Did It
6. Combo feat Dubbledge
7. No Frills
8. Saltfish and Accie feat Kyza
9. The Gunes of Navarone feat Jehst
10. The Artform
11. Hidden Heavenz feat D Ablo
12. Working Class Dad Theme
  It is a rare thing when an artist releases such a powerful introduction to the Hip Hop world. Parky has combined his gift for rapping and production into a brilliant debut album. "The Working Class Dad" is a window into the artist’s life, telling the listener who he is and what is meaningful to him. The title sums up this first chapter, Parky is a proud parent and husband and this is articulated impressively through his other love, Hip Hop. Being a Working Class Dad isn't easy. Having a big heart and soul drives him to shout about his love and happiness, his fears and anger. Being a thoroughbred emcee means the man has to spit! and watch out all those who are driven by an image alone, those who don't care for the principals of family and loyalty and those who like to front with a big dollop of dog shit about what they are all about. When you listen to this LP, you get a raw insight into the man and what he sees and feels about all of the above. And most importantly you get it with style to go - Parky is one of a kind and crazy fresh too. This album is the story of his life up to now. His boy, Caleb and wife Miranda and his duty to them feature in almost every song. His passion about Hip Hop and his dismay at the game many play within it runs through the entire work. And all of this is seen through a heavy, sticky haze that he inhales and exhales to keep the demons at bay (trust me, the man like to smoke!) The power of Parky as an emcee is in his honesty. The unique voice and amazing flows make him stand out above the crowds, but it's the raw energy and disarming honesty he barks out that sets him apart and will establish his place as an artist and songwriter.  
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