Scratch, The Embodiment Of Instrumentation  
The Embodiment Of Instrumentation
Label: Ropeadope Records
Release Year: 2002
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1 Start'n From Scratch (1:58)
2 U Know The Rulez (3:24)
Featuring - Black Thought , M.A.R.S. Co-Op , Malik B.
3 That's What We Talkin' About (3:35)
Featuring - Calente , Dice Raw , E.S.T.
4 We Got What You Want (2:30)
Featuring - Schoolz Of Thought
5 Lookin' 4 The Hot Shit (3:16)
Featuring - I.N.T. (2) , Rich Medina
6 Sumthin' That U Missin' (5:03)
Co-producer - 88-Keys
Featuring - Ciph Born , D-Ruck , Flo Brown , Spontaneous
7 Com'N Alive (2:52)
Featuring - Dice Raw , M.A.R.S. Co-Op , Malik B.
8 Exhibit One (2:14)
Featuring - Malik B.
9 U Don't Talk Much (1:42)
10Peoples Gettin' Rich (4:09)
Featuring - Stamma
113 Barstoolz Away (3:21)
Co-producer - Yameen All World
Featuring - Rich Medina
12Breath of Fresh Air (2:31)
Guitar - Sherif Davis
Horns - Jarrett Miles , Radji Mateen
13What Happ'n (5:25)
Vocals, Featuring - Floetry
14The Morning After (1:35)
Vocals - Jill Scott
15Square One (3:08)
Vocals - Bilal
16World Iz (3:19)
Featuring - Schoolz Of Thought
17U Thought Wrong / The (Scratch) (5:23)
  featuring tons of of great MCs like Black Thought, Rich Medina, Malik B, Bilal, Jill Scott, Schoolz of Thought and others...  
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  1. V Don & Willie The Kid
Blue Notes
  2. Nu Guinea
Nuova Napoli
  3. Roc Marciano
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  4. Icon Curties
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  5. khaderbai
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  6. Michal Turtle feat HOVE
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  7. Pablo's Eye
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  8. Acayouman
Funky Reggae
  9. Hunee
Hunchin' All Night
  10. Ice