Skin Williams And His Dominoes, Skins Funk  
Skin Williams And His Dominoes
Skins Funk
GBR 7inch 
Label: Tramp
Release Year: 2006
Style: Funk & Soul
  Skins Funk  
  The Big Chase  
  a double sider of the highest order, bustin’ uptempo funk backed with a downtempo killer on the flip, what else are you asking for? Originally released on two different 7″ singles on Mil-Smi Records way back in the early 70s, this release is the real deal. It saves you much $$$ and provides the two best funk outings on one 45 rpm single ever released on this label. Skin Williams and the Soulfadelics were both local acts out of Mobile, Alabama. The original a-side to ‘Skins funk’ titled ‘Blues for sonja’ was written and recorded by Skin Williams and was actually dedicated to his daugther Sonja. Unfortunately there is no more info is available, neither on Skin Williams nor the Soulfadelics. Even the label owner can’t remember them, it´s a shame. Luckily we were able to save these two jewels on a strictly limited 7″ pressing, so 1000 people out there have the chance to buy it easily without diggin´ the crates. This re-issue ensures that these songs will not get lost in this modern world of mp3s and iPods, at least not for the next 30 years.  
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