Quantic, Caja Y Guacharacha  
Caja Y Guacharacha
Label: Mochilla
Release Year: 2009
Style: Funk & Soul
  All over the north of Colombia, from the banks of the river Magdalena to the Plaza Majagual of Sincelejo from the dust beaten tracks of San Jacinto and in the Santos Province of Panama, “La Cumbia” can be found. Its origins are often disputed but its melodies, can rarely be ignored. The music of Panama and Colombia both share a wonderful lyrical quality and vary rhythmically in a complexity only comparable with that of African polyrhythm. Born of celebrating life, Quantic’s Caja Y Guacharacha; is a lovely blend venturing into some of his favorite musicians and composers, while sweetly speaking Quantic’s fever for music without tongue, but translating a pulse comparable to the heartbeat. This mix is a pure dose of why Quantic has moved to Colombia. You wont be finding this music anywhere else!  
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