V/A, Soundbwoy Super Status Reggae Breaks And Beats VOL. 2  
Soundbwoy Super Status Reggae Breaks And Beats VOL. 2
Label: Unknown
Release Year: 200
Style: Reggae & Dancehall & Dub
  A1 Dub Organizer - Shot Like Dis Could A Never Miss (Intro)
A2 Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Who Dunnit
A3 Yellowman - Operation Radication (Intro)
A4 Sultans, The - Hip Hugger
A5 U Roy - Rule The Nation (Intro)
A6 Brentford All Stars - Greedy G
A7 Wayne McGhie - Na Na Hey Hey
A8 Fuzzy Jones - Express Love (Intro)
A9 Mark Holder - The Mix Up Cup
A10 Revolutionaries - Jumbee (Intro)
A11 Merging Traffic - Mr. Magic
A12 Unknown Artist - Gemini Sec1050 Solo Sounds
B1 U Roy - Wake The Town (Intro)
B2 Esquires - Think
B3 Unknown Artist - Lick Back The Riddim
B4 Zap Pow - Soul Revival
B5 Mikey Dread - Jumping Master (Intro)
B6 Upsetters - Popcorn
B7 Revolutionaries - African Spirit (Intro)
B8 Levi John - Making Love
B9 Fuzzy Jones - Cu-Oonuh (Intro)
B10 Chris Mercer - Love The One Your With
B11 E.T. - Bubbler I Money (Intro)
B12 Tamlins, The - Skin Tight
B13 Unknown Artist - Combo Sounds Gemini SEC1050
  A cool selection of funky Reggae tracks, lots of them have been sampled by hip hop artists, and plenty that stand out on their own! Plus some sound effects and vocals that are heavily used at the soundclash.  
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Mystery Dub
[Second Circle ]
Euraf Yard Sound Große Systim
Giuseppe Leonardi
[Second Circle ]
Jonny Nash / Lindsay
Fauna Mapping
[Island Of The Gods]
Le Frère
Slow Glass
[Light Of Other Days]
Len Sander
The Future Of Lovers
[Mouthwatering Records]
Leston Paul
Let's Party Tonight
MJ Lallo
Star Child
[Seance Centre]
Solar Shield
[Austin Boogie Crew]
Suzanne Menzel
Goodbyes And Beginnings
Aufnahme Koch
Improvisational Loops
[Music From Memory]
Tornado Wallace
Lonely Planet - Remixes
[Running Back]
Dekmantel 10 Years 09
Wrong Planet
[Phantom Island]
Pei Bato Fou
[Rebirth On Wax]
  1. Basa Basa
  2. Elephant Chateau
  3. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 1
  4. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 2
  5. Elephant Chateau
Offshore Drilling
  6. Velly Joonas
Stopp, Seisku Aeg!
  7. Wavetest
Wrong Planet
  8. Boncana Maiga
Koyma Hondo
  9. Carlton Jumel Smith & Cold Diamond & Mink
I Can't Love You Anymore
  10. Keysha
Stop It!