The Infesticons, Bedford Park (LP & MP3)  
The Infesticons
Bedford Park (LP & MP3)
Label: Big Dada
Release Year: 2010
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1 Blockin Door Anthem
2 Gonna Anthem
3 Dirty Ol Men Anthem
4 Plane Anthem
5 Forever Anthem
6 Kick Anthem
7 Give Em Anthem
8 Hang It Up Anthem
9 Word Sin Anthem
10 Bombs Anthem
11 Get Along Anthem
12 Sky's Anthem
13 Outro
  "And yea the Infesticons Marching Band went and hid in the bunker for they were not really warlike and had joined so they could play in the band. And yea they missed out on most of the mayhem above and yeah they lost all contact with the world and yea they got pretty bored and yea they made a mixtape and some demos on a four track and some other stuff and yea this is what remains.

And yea the war long over and yea no one cares and yea the last Infesticons have emerged from the bunker and yes they will play live." Mike Ladd

The third and final part of Mike Ladd's epic Infesticons concept trilogy, “Bedford Park” sees the remnants of the Infesticons' marching band emerge from a bunker to find out that not only is the war with the Majesticons over, but no one can even remember who either side are. With various guests including Saul Williams, Creature, Juice Aleem and Seraphim (of No Surrender), Ladd fashions a ragged punk-blues noise for this strange, beautiful and funny coda, a sound which has already been described as “Dinosaur Jr by Black people.”

“Blockin’ Door Anthem” kicks off “Bedford Park” at its most raw, Ladd hollering and testifying over a fuzzed out Korg b-line” “Shoulda jacked ya, shoulda jacked ya/Throw you off the jungle gym and make it like an accident…”. “Gonna Anthem” and “Dirty Old Men Anthem” continue the theme, filthy guitar lines slashing over the top of MPC beats. “Plane Anthem” takes a turn towards jump-up bloco, before “Forever Anthem” allows momentary relaxation in da haus. “Kick Anthem” not only takes us straight back towards the energy of “Blockin’ Door…,” it contains a list of Ladd’s favourite body oils: “Nubian Hawkwind, Egyptian Pinky Ring, Lumumba AK, Angolan Whisper, Portugese Scum, Spanish Dead Men” and so on, the most innocent listings packed with subtext. “Give Em Anthem,” “Hang It Up Anthem” and “Bombs Anthem” return the funk and hip hop to nearer centre stage, before “Get Along Anthem” and “Skies Anthem” finish the album with a last blast of punk spikiness and folk yearning respectively.

The Infesticons project began in the year 2000 with the release of “Gun Hill Road,” a moment-defining explosion from the New York Underground scene featuring Company Flow, Anti-Pop Consortium, Saul Williams and plenty more. It was followed in 2003 by the Majesticons’ rejoinder, “Beauty Party,” which one of Mike’s alter-egos described as “hearing irony die in a whole new way” (a prophetic reference to ths hipster rap scene which would follow). Now, the shell-shocked remnants of the Infesticons return for one last hurrah. A short, sharp blast of an album, which combines every ounce of Ladd’s trademark intelligence, humour and questioning with the most violent and carefree music he’s ever made.
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