Lazerbeak & Edison, Kill Switch  
Lazerbeak & Edison
Kill Switch
Label: Fieldwerk Recordings
Release Year: 2012
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Side Lazerbeak
1. Dedications
2. Stirring
3. Boots & Pants
4. Winterlude
5. Porch Light
6. Don?t Tie Me Down
7. Torch Light
Side Edison
1. These Songs Are Rabies
2. The Pocket Knife, Rusted
3. All Hell Hath No Pennies
4. No One Can Hear You, They?re Distracted
5. A Cure For A Case Of The Wealthies
  Chicago based label continues its spilt instrumental series with Kill Switch, a collaboration featuring Minneapolis native / Doomtree alum Lazerbeak & Bay Area producer Edison.

Kill Switch opens first with Lazerbeak who introduces himself with
?Dedications?. The rich melodic vocals glide over a crisp, steady drum
break, and as the hook unravels (listen to our dedication/this whole
thing was made for you) it becomes clear the type of impression he?s
looking to make, a friendly audible handshake to start the getting
to know process. What ensues after is where Lazerbeak is at his best.
Throughout seven songs LB melds a wide range of styles. One moment
he?s dabbling in warm synthesized loops (?Boots & Pants?) and rugged
samples (?Torch Light?), and on others moody melodies (?Porch
Light?). It?s a biting combination of sounds and rhythms that gives way
to a classic, but all together new style of instrumental hip-hop.
Edison, a budding producer who?s worked with Aesop Rock, Sole and
2Mex (amongst others), follows up Lazerbeak with a unique style of his
own. ?These Songs Are Rabies? ushers itself in with a menacing guitar
riff and drum roll, which continues on slowly, rabidly and at a feverish
pace. It?s an amalgamation of psych rock and heady boom-bap, and
conjures up memories of hip-hop?s darker days. The sentiment echoes
on, but not without rich and daring variations. ?All Hell Hath No
Pennies? reflects Edison?s craftsmanship with its meticulously chopped
samples and broken rhythms. And for the final two tracks of his side
(?No One Can Hear You, They?re Distracted? and ?A Cure For a Case of
The Wealthies?) which weave together seamlessly as if they were one
long cut, Edison provides an eerie melodic warmth to his ominous
death march.
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