Setenta, Latin Piece Of Soul  
Latin Piece Of Soul
Label: Hot Casa
Release Year: 2013
Style: Latin & Brasil & Afro
  1. Colorblind
2. Guapeta
3. Smells Like Teen Spirit
4. Honey
5. Hipocrita
6. Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check
7. Mambo Machine
8. Tira
9. No Te Creo
10. Yalale
11. Ijo Soul
12. Nuevayorkino
13. Yo Llegue
14. We Never Know
  Setenta was created in 2006, consists of seven musicians from Paris, using their musical tastes to produce a unique mix of Latin, Soul and Boogaloo, with a touch of Caribbean influences.
After a sparkling debut on the Latin scene with their first album Funky Tumbao(2010), they performed live for two years with an impressive and exhilarating world tour, inviting at Jazz mix in Vienne

From the successful live experience and the great human meeting between Orlando and Setenta’s members, followed a strong desire to record together. Quickly they decided to rearrange his famous “Ijo song, taken from the Soul” Super Afro Soul album he recorded in 1966 for Philips. A song which blew James brown himself away during his trip in Nigeria in 1970 and influenced him for the composition of his “I Feel Good“ classic .

The album also contains two covers, the Hip-Hop classic “”, interpreting the original Galt MacDermot’ Woo Haa!!! - Then the smash hit ““ by Nirvana, is revisited with a massive Boogaloo touch, ready to hit radios and Smells Like Teen Spiritdancefloors from all over the world.
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