Brogan Bentley, The Snake  
Brogan Bentley
The Snake
Label: Leaving Records
Release Year: 2014
Style: Abstract & Headz
  1. The Difference
2. Dawn
3. No Less
4. Heal
5. Last Light
6. What If I Fall
7. Secret Strength
8. The Wolf
9. Smoke
10. Give Myself to You
11. St. John
12. Goodbye
  Brogan Bentley first appeared on Leaving Records in 2012 with a tantalizingly brief self-titled cassette EP. After a highly productive incubation period, the young producer returns with his debut LP, The Snake. Its 12 compositions writhe, slink, and crawl through the dark and hazy fog-scape of Bentley’s home of San Francisco in the Year of the Snake. According to the producer, “The Snake is a sonic documentation of coming into new skin, living in it and shedding it.” Fittingly, The Snake is an album of transformation, winding its way around the brooding Burial-esque Whispers, the ecstatic Juke, sparse Acid, and anthemic Diva House. Despite many such radical shifts in color, the album plays out in an utterly natural and captivating sequence. Mournful and uplifting in the same degree, this collection of contemplative yet propulsive dance tracks captures the scope of living, loving, and grasping for understanding all at the same time.  
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