Trilateral Commission, Swiss Banks OST  
Trilateral Commission
Swiss Banks OST
Label: SWC Records
Release Year: 2015
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  2 Seconds 04:02
Definition Of A Mutiny 03:57
C'est La Vie 03:12
Bodymore Bounce 03:44
Where is My Blunt? 03:17
Why Would I 04:16
Fishtanks & Swiss Banks 03:22
Somethin Ain't Right 03:05
Unfaithful 03:05
  The musical odyssey features M.I. of Constant Deviants in the role of “Pisano” in a series of scenes based on the novel “The Swiss Conspiracy” by Michael Stanley. Filmed on various locations in Baltimore City, Washington DC and Switzerland, the specially written soundtrack was produced by Monsieur Mat, Eagle, Dreem and Starsh#t from the SWC  
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