The Slingshots, Is This Soul?  
The Slingshots
Is This Soul?
Label: Rocafort Records
Release Year: 2015
Style: Funk & Soul
  A1 Is This Soul?
A2 That Just Ain't Right
A3 Feel The Shots
A4 Back For Nothing
A5 The Boss
A6 For Somebody Else
B1 Little Big Men
B2 Chasing Paquito
B3 She Ain't Got No Soul
B4 Dirt On The Groove
B5 Dog Hair
  The Slingshots were born in august of 2008 with the idea of recalling and recovering the rhythmic patterns of funk, the warm vocal melodies of soul, the rich instrumental approach of jazz and the energy of rock, from its origins until our times, to offer a danceable rich selection of music and sounds, suitable for everybody, specially those in love with black music.
Seven men holding many years of experience through a wide and varied musical career form the band.

For the last years these guys have caused a very good impression among audiences of the funk and soul scene in Barcelona, sharing the stage in their debut precisely with the best Japanese funk act of the moment, Osaka Monaurail, at the Apolo in Barcelona (2008.11.06). Later performances saw them sharing the bill with international groups of the likes of the New Mastersounds, Kokolo, Fanga, Lefties Soul Connection, Calibro 35 among others.

Fran Palmero - Bass Aleix Sinteman - All Keys & backing vocals George Hurricane - Guitars & backing vocals Marc Mena - Trumpet Roger Fullosoul - Vocals & tambourine Sergi Franch - Baritone Sax Edu Neto - Drums All songs by The Slingshots Recorded between June 26th & July 3rd 2014 Produced by Mike Mariconda Engineered by Marc Tena Recorded at Red Bell Studio, Barcelona, Spain. Executive producers: Philippe Rocafort & Ivan Muench Management: Benet Perez

"eleven songs that are truly funk & soul jewels" - Fuck & Young Magazine
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  1. Basa Basa
  2. Elephant Chateau
  3. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 1
  4. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 2
  5. Elephant Chateau
Offshore Drilling
  6. Velly Joonas
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  7. Wavetest
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  8. Carlton Jumel Smith & Cold Diamond & Mink
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