AKD & Deepstar, Universal Language  
AKD & Deepstar
Universal Language
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
A1 Connection Intro
A2 One & The Same feat. Rapsody
A3 No Mercy feat. AG
A4 All In The Mind feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Nutso & DJ Rob Swift
A5 Lauryn Said

B1 A Yo feat. Eunice & DJ SRG
B2 Familiar Names
B3 Language Universal feat. Dälek
B4 Dead Live feat. Cyclonious
B5 Dead Wax Radio

C1 Good Evening feat. Tanaya Harper
C2 No Time To Waste
C3 Untold Degrees feat. Night Pro & DJ Dave Young
C4 Good Poison feat. Sadat X
C5 The Candle feat. Big Cakes & Phoenix Da Icefire

D1 Artistry feat. Masta Ace
D2 Be For Real feat. G.dot & Born
D3 What Happened feat. Stealth
D4 Sojourn
  On Universal Language, which features renowned artists such as Masta Ace, AG (DITC), Rapsody, Tragedy Khadafi and Rob Swift, the duo shows it has his own universe and could produce music way beyond the notoriety of their guest appearances. Impressed by the quality of the project, Effiscienz decided to highlight the ill combo by realeasing a collector's edition double blue vinyl "splatter".  
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Calibro 35
Ogni Riferimento a Fatti Accaduti è Puramente Casuale
[Record Kicks]
Chester Watson
Past Cloaks
[Pow Recordings]
Currensy & Harry Fraud
The Outrunners
Darkim Be Allah x Endemic Emerald
Antediluvian King
[No Cure]
Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger
Force Majeure
[International Anthem]
DJ Eule feat. DJ Stylewarz, Boogieman, DJ Rafik, DJ Crum uvm.
Scratching is a part of my life
Don Cunningham Quartet
Something For Everyone (BF RSD20)
[Luv N' Haight]
Frank McDonald & Chris Rae
Mean & Dirty
[Music De Wolfe]
Fred (Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink)
Sweet Thing
[Timmion Records]
A Little Story
Herbie Hancock Trio
The Herbie Hancock Trio (BF RSD20)
[Get On Down]
Jneiro Jarel
After A Thousand Years (180g)
[Far Out Recordings]
Mark Ski
[Fivese7en Collective]
Menahan Street Band
Midnight Morning
[Daptone Records]
Mike James Kirkland
[Ubiquity Recordings]
Mike James Kirkland
Stay, Don't Go
[Ubiquity Recordings]
Peoples Pleasure
Dreaming Our Live
[Athens Of The North]
Pete Rock
NY's Finest (Instrumentals) (BF RSD20)
[Nature Sounds]
Pete Rock
PeteStrumentals 3
[Tru Soul Records]
Peter Thomas
Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel (Lim. Red Vinyl)
The Bombillas
The Bombillas
[F-Spot Records]
Take One - Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
[Analog Africa]
Pé na Estrada
[Notes On A Journey]
  1. Windsurfer
The Gone Village
  2. Cracy Coconuts
Rubberdub Dance
  3. Phi-Psonics
The Cradle
  4. Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers
Maze Of Sounds
  5. Action Bronson
Only For Dolphins
  6. Andreas Hofer
  7. Brahja
  8. Currensy & Harry Fraud
The Outrunners
  9. Dirty Art Club
  10. Iron Wigs
Your Birthday's Cancelled