The Jazz Jousters, The Vault  
The Jazz Jousters
The Vault
Label: Millennium Jazz Music /
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Bones The Beat Head - Through The Window
A2 Es-K - Coolin' In July
A3 Joe Davies - Just Releax
A4 Pawcut - Goodbye
A5 Pigeondust - Never Be Blind
A6 SmokedBeat - CA
A7 Stay Classy - Mr T
B1 Blue Buttonz - Darker Shades of Blue
B2 Dr. Dundiff - History
B3 Gadget - Hall of Resonance
B4 RickMal - Upstreamin'
B5 Scaley WaleZ - Una Brisa De La Isla
B6 Slim The Chemist - Power of Music
C1 Diligent Fingers - Heart Strings
C2 FloFilz - Adrett
C3 Jaze Baqti - Lonesome Journey
C4 KNYT - Roses
C5 Mr. Moods - Laws of Gravity
C6 Oldy Clap Recordz - Art & Fact
D1 B3BNi - One Mile Loop
D2 DJ Mentos - Like A Memory
D3 Dr.MaD - Under The Gods Ft. Téhu
D4 Ja Kova - In This Hotel
D5 Skinnista - Dell's Dilema
D6 Wriggly Scott - More Green
  Limited to 300 copies, "The Vault" is a long overdue compilation on vinyl that showcases the universe of Millennium Jazz. Gadget picked 25 beats out of the deep crates of Millenium Jazz by artists like FloFilz, Pigeondust, Pawcut, Bones The Beat Head, Stay Classy and many more. Tip!  
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  2. Elephant Chateau
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  3. Berlin Lama
  4. Kingdom Of Kaffa
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  5. Kingdom Of Kaffa
  6. Wu-Tang Clan
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