Dr. Dundiff & Friends, Dr. Dundiff & Friends  
Dr. Dundiff & Friends
Dr. Dundiff & Friends
Label: Harvard House Studios
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. No Comment - Shadowpact
2. Hot Summer Nights - Rmllw2llz
3. 5-0 - Jack Harlow
4. Her+Art - Kogan Dumb
5. Hoodrat Things - Skyscraper Stereo
6. Bucket - Jalin Roze
7. Dreams - Dr. Dundiff
8. The Valley Of One Thousand Doubts -Touch A.C.
9. Tower - Skull Avalanche
10. Hoes Pray - Dr. Dundiff
11. State Of The Art Remix feat. Jim James
  If you are a fan of diverse production from Dr. Dundiff, then this is must
have for your collection! This album falls on the year anniversary of
the Dr. Dundiff & Friends 2015 Forecastle performance. Immediately
after the performance last year, Dr. Dundiff and all of his friends
spent 5 full days of recording the whole Forecastle performance.
Dr. Dundiff & Friends have captured the exact same show with the
same live element, brought by the same musicians. This album
has an 11-piece band, 14 rappers and a special cypher featuring
everyone on the record plus a guest appearance from Jim James of
My Morning Jacket.
Each record comes with a digital download card. Artwork by Ian
Klarer and Alyx McClain. Purchasing the album online or the
physical record will give you the bonus track “Mission” feat. Kogan
Dumb, Touch A.C. and Nightmare the Rusty Robot.

• Dr. Dundiff 1st vinyl release with his band
• 11-piece band as well as 14 emcees and a guest appearance by Jim James of My Morning Jacket.
• The cover was drawn by Ian Klarer, known for his artwork for “Run The Jewels”
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