Tru Comers, No Manners  
Tru Comers
No Manners
Label: Haus Und Baum / vinyldigital
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1. Intro Tru Comers 00:42
A2. Off Witcha Head Tru Comers 04:27
A3. $.O.B. Tru Comers 05:32
A4. Suck On The Ballsacks Tru Comers 03:33
A5. T.oo R.uff 4 U Tru Comers 04:18
A6. Two Face Tru Comers 04:39
B1. Skills Is A Must Tru Comers 04:38
B2. Destroy Your System Tru Comers 04:35
B3. Three Layers Tru Comers 03:20
B4. Snappin Tru Comers 03:39
B5. Show N Prove Tru Comers 03:40
B6. Outro Tru Comers 00:20
  None other than the vehemently correct, on point being Le Flah veterans TRU COMERS – what! What!
Here it is! Who doesn’t like’em, them dark, somber, and menacing beats in the best tradition of the golden era? No Prisoners are goin’ to be taken, bwoay!
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