Bisk, Gutter City  
Gutter City
Label: Radio Juicy / Urban Waves / hhv.
Release Year: 2017
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Alice
A2 Very Reel
A3 Guttercitysh!t feat Stinkin Slumrok
A4 Wildcheese feat Jack Danz & Stinkin Slumrok
A5 Indacity Pt 2
B1 Mynigga
B2 Wart feat Stinkin Slumrok
B3 Smoke feat Stinkin Slumrok, Sniff & Jack Danz
B4 Ur Pretty
C1 Dusty Dreams Pt.2
C2 Coldsagfunk feat Sly Moon
C3 Cherry B feat Dubbl O
C4 Swampaze feat The Northaze
C5 Dusty Dreams Pt.3
D1 Blah Boyz feat Stinkin Slumrok & Black Josh
D2 Sixteen feat Sleazy F Baby
D3 Ere
D4 Crash Uzi
  Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl!

Bisk is back with a bang as he prepares to take us all on a trip to Gutter City. The Swamp Harbour general has been steadily releasing solid project after solid project, laying waste to the idea that quality and quantity are mutually exclusive. Gutter City is some of his rawest material to date, thanks to Bisk's natural talent for force feeding the listener grimy imagery and the dankest stories from life in the bits. Combine that with production from the likes of Sam Zircon, Morriarchi, Sumgii, 2Late and 19.thou$and, as well as Bisk himself and it looks set to become this summer's soundtrack for the streets. There are features from the likes of fellow swamp lord Stinkin Slumrok and cult favourites, Sniff, Sly Moon and Jack Danz, plus Manchester's finest, Dubbul-O, Sleazy F Baby & Black Josh.
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