The Du-Rites, Bite It  
The Du-Rites
Bite It
USA 7inch 
Label: Old Maid Entertainment
Release Year: 2017
Style: Funk & Soul
  Bite It  
  Bocho's Groove  

Following last year’s out-of-nowhere debut album, The Du-Rites (an NYC funk duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists J-Zone and Pablo Martin) return with a new double-sided snack, “Bite It” b/w “Bocho’s Groove”.

Individually, J-Zone and Pablo are known for their exploits as a hip-hop producer/MC and the guitarist in the current line-up of the legendary Tom Tom Club, respectively. But as they continue their roll as The Du-Rites with this release and their forthcoming sophomore LP, Greasy Listening, their divergent backgrounds continue to cook up a brand of funk that’s entirely their own.

“Bite It” - with drummer J-Zone’s numerous (and super funky) open drum breaks and organ riffs and Pablo’s blistering psychedelic guitar solo - is an example of hip-hop and psych throwing a greasy funk party and The Meters show up to crash it. The flip, “Bocho’s Groove,” raises the tempo for the dance floor, but the funk is no less heavy. Zone keeps the sticks flying with the b-boys and girls in mind, comps with the organ and peppers in his trademark dialogue cuts, while Pablo’s Fender Rhodes and guitar work evoke the funkier moments of ‘70s cop show scores.

The Du-Rites self-titled debut LP (on ReDefinition Records) sold through its limited 500 pressing in one month. This single has been pressed in the same quantity. If you snooze, you lose, dig?!

Greasy Listening drops Fall 2017.
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