Glen Adams, A Beat For You  
Glen Adams
A Beat For You
FRA 12inch 
Label: Jamwax
Release Year: 2017
Style: Disco
  A Beat For You  
  A Beat For You Version  
  Emotional Rescue and Jamwax come together to present the first of three essential 12”s from NY/Jamaican label Capo Disco, all officially licensed and remastered for the first time.
The brainchild of reggae vocalist, musician, producer and label owner Glen Adams, the label married disco with his Caribbean roots to perfection.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Adams story is a similar one to the performers of the golden period post-Independence. Initially discovered as a vocalist by Coxsone Dodd, he went on to work with such luminaries as Ken Boothe and Stranger Cole before co-founding The Heptones and working Duke Reid, Bunny Lee and Lloyd Charmers.

As a session organist he worked for The Hippy Boys, The Reggae Boys and later with Lee Perry’s The Upsetters. Here he came in to the orbit of The Wailors, touring England with them in the early 70s and with Perry co-wrote Mr Brown. When most of The Upsetters became Marley’s rhythm section, Adams stayed with Perry before making the move to Brooklyn in 1975.

There he started Capo Records, running it and it’s sub-labels, successfully until the mid-80s. During these later years he ventured in to mixing Reggae with Boogie and Disco rhythms and released just four 12”s under Capo Disco as well as recording boogie and hip-hop influenced releases with T Ski Valley and as Glen Adams Affair for SAM and Moonglow Records.

Here then the spotlight is on Adam’s nascent disco releases and the series starts with the wonderful, uplifting A Beat For You. Actually appearing on a one off sister-label, Top Secret, this is a beautiful “Lovers” anthem from Adams over a laidback dub-bass riddim. Backed with a simple instrumental Version, the space and interplay of the keys and guitar over drum and bass is superlative. “There is a beat in my heart, just for you…just for you.”
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