Thavius Beck, Technol O.G.  
Thavius Beck
Technol O.G.
Label: Hit And Run
Release Year: 2017
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Change
2. Spectacular Vernacular
3. Further From the Truth
4. Vices
5. Shots Fired
6. A Day in The Life...
7. Word. Sound. Power.
8. How Many???
9. Suckas And Sycophants
10. Sh!ts Not G
11. Akhenaten
12. Catharsis
  As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, emcee & music educator, Thavius
Beck is a man whose life revolves around audio and technology. With
a focus on bass heavy rhythms, dark emotional melodies and twisted
sample manipulation, Thavius has not only released numerous solo
albums (under his own name, plus previous moniker Adlib), but he’s
also collaborated with and remixed luminaries Saul Williams, Nine
Inch Nails, The Mars Volta, Skylar Grey and Nas, to name a few.
A native of Minneapolis, Thavius Beck moved to Los Angeles at age
16 and quickly found a crew of like-minded beat makers & rappers
who formed the underground hip-hop collective known as Global
Phlowtations. As a main pillar of the nine man + one woman crew,
he was responsible for producing, rhyming on and recording many
of the songs that were released across three classic self-released
GPAC albums in the late 90’s. Thavius released solo projects through
various labels over his 20-year stay in LA, collaborated with fellow
producer/emcee Subtitle (aka Giovanni Marks) to create the group
“Labwaste”, and began touring extensively with Saul Williams as his
‘one-man band’, outftted with an arsenal of modern electronic gadgetry.
Eventually his love of music and technology lead to Ableton Live, where
Thavius became a certifed trainer of in 2009. He quickly became a
world-renowned advocate for Ableton Live education, and took a brief
hiatus from releasing albums to run electronic music workshops and
explore teaching. In 2016, he left the cozy confnes of Los Angeles
and relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Reinvigorated by the city, plus inspired
by frequent European tours with Saul, both offered Thavius meditative
hours spent in solitary at hotels, airports & on trains writing new material.
The result is an impassioned new self-produced project “Technol O.G.”,
that fnds Thavius expressing his true self as an artist & man. His
much-anticipated 12 song album is a record full of raw & unfltered truth
revealed through his rhythmic vocal re?ections and electronic production
perfection. Released worldwide on Monday September 18th, 2017 on
one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopic 12”” colored vinyl, housed in a variety of
hand-screenprinted and collectible outer jackets featuring stunning art
by Jon Ryan. Digital downloads include the bonus remix of lead single
“Spectacular Vernacular” by Mono/Poly
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