Jon Bap, Yesterday's Homily  
Jon Bap
Yesterday's Homily
Label: Dolfin Records
Release Year: 2018
Style: Jazz & Blues
  1. Your Life Story
2. Today, With Vigor
3. The Interdependence Of Everything
4. Queen Chimera Pt.1
5. Free Trap Etudes, Op.39- Iv. She’s The Plug
6. You Got It
7. Voice Memo From 2013
8. _stuck_
9. Do It Now
10. Semantic Satiation
11. My Machine
12. Yesterday Had Vigor
13. Loops
14. Queen Chimera Pt.2
15. Do What You Want
16. My House
17. Come Back Home
18. Free Trap Etudes, Op.39- Xii. Trap Goddess
19. Zone Out
20. Stories With Who?
21. You Be You
22. Don’t Kill It
  Jon Bap‘s latest full-length album, “Yesterday’s Homily”, is a sonic
exploration of free jazz, jazz fusion, funk, and more, as Bap looks at the
duality of life with a fearless optimism
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