Elysian Spring, Glass Flowers  
Elysian Spring
Glass Flowers
Label: Le Tres Jazz Club
Release Year: 2018
Style: Jazz & Blues
  Side 1
1. Blue Sands– 3:32
2. Richard’s Whistle – 2:00
3. 7th Sea – 5:45
4. Lotus – 8:22

Side 2
1. Drink think – 5:38
2. Umbrellas In The Sun – 5:10
3. Two+Two – 3:30
4. Glass Flowers – 9:12
  Repressed fort he first time on LP by Le Très Jazz Club, this fantastic album comes with an insert documenting the story of The Elysian Spring and the recording of this true masterpiece.
« Glass flowers », recorded in 1969, and only pressed by 500 copies at the time, is an unclassifiable album, overtaking the jazz outlines

Can words really describe music ? It may be hard when music is as fantastic as on this LP. « Glass flowers » is an unclassifiable album, overtaking the jazz outlines, recorded in 1969 by Rainer Bertrams (piano, vibes, flute) , Bruce Krasin (Saxophone, flute) , Lenny Ezbicky (drums) et Jimmy Bridges (bass). Only 500 copies of the record were privatly made by a group of student which where fans of the band. Repressed for the first time on LP by Le Très jazz club, this repress comes with an insert documenting the story of The Elysian Spring and the recording of this true masterpiece.
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