Blameful Isles, Pleroma  
Blameful Isles
Label: Urban Waves Records
Release Year: 2018
Style: Jazz & Blues
  A1 Prelude (The Lord Is Calling Us) 1:05
A2 Infinite Being (Sagittarius) 7:46
A3 Light Of Idun (Áries) 4:27
B1 Witchdoctor 8:08
B2 Ramnasjön (Aquarius) 3:08
B3 Sci-Fi Intermission 1:07
C1 Orange Sun Tea (Gemini) 4:18
C2 The Hyperflare Nine 8:09
C3 Lumos (Pisces) 4:08
D1 Interlude - Soft Celosia 1:32
D2 Snowflake Nebula 3:50
D3 Farewell Voyage To Crystal Meadow (Capricorn) 2:29
D4 Jahlia 3:17
  Blameful Isles new LP "Pleroma" is a fantastic journey starting out in the mystic land of the Tanzanian capital Dodoma. In our spiritual quest for enlightenment we visited an old shaman that opened the door to the spiritual plane for us. Where we've met with spirits that told us stories about their ancestral deeds. While listening we were yet again transposed to a further astral plane in which words weren't spoken anymore. Everything came together and made sense as a whole, harmonious sounds were omnipresent we could not only hear it but see it as well. We realized that what we were experiencing was music! Upon waking up from our astral dream the sense of home and family was overwhelming. It all made sense more than ever, we had purpose yet again.
This album is an ode to the realization that music is the universal language of love and compassion.

~A warm and loving thank you to everyone who participated in the making of this album: Madeleine, Christopher, John, Alex, Uwe, Christian and Hüey.

Notes on the vinyl edition :
The vinyl edition will be strictly limited as usual, it comes in a deluxe gatefolder cover with 2 vinyls. The sound mastering is absolutely lovely, it feels like being the same room as Blameful Isles. It plays for about an hour. It's an absolute gorgeous piece of art, a must have!
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