Da Buze Bruvaz, Prezent: Him Lo & Giallo Point  
Da Buze Bruvaz
Prezent: Him Lo & Giallo Point
Label: Grilchy Party
Release Year: 2019
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Heisman Trophy
2. Multiple Stab Woundz
3. Corridor Exchangez
4. Nicole
5. White Bronco
6. Ol Dirty Swordzman
  After staying busy in 2018 Da Buze Bruvaz emceeHim Lo hasn't let up just yet and is on a mission toset the new year off correctly. Here he aims to showhe could go for dolo, hold his own project down anddispel any doubters. This project, OJ GLOVEZ is DaBuze Bruva Number Ones first official solo foray.Backed by the lavishly grimy production of notableup and coming beatsmith Giallo Point. Giallo has alsobeen busy of late working with artists such asSmooVth, Big Twins, Roc Marciano, CrimeappleVinnie Paz, and others. Here he stretches between alush yet rugged gangster soundtrack with dusty,hardcore loops. Going against the grain is nothingnew for Him Lo as he is stepping into the light on hisown with this EP. He also shows that his hungerremains intact even without Clever 1 holding downthe flank. Take a dive into the project, it's Murder.  
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