Danger Doom, The Mouse And The Mask  
Danger Doom
The Mouse And The Mask
Label: Lex Records
Release Year: 2005
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1 El Chupa Nibre
2 Sofa King
3 The Mask (f/Ghostface)
4 Perfect Hair
5 Benzi Box (f/Cee-Lo)
6 Old School (f/Talib Kweli)
8 Basket Case
9 No Names
10 Crosshairs
11 Mince Meat
12 Vats of Urine
13 Space Hos
14 Bada Bing
  Released in Spring 2009, ‘Born Like This’ is somehow still MF DOOM’s last solo album.
Lex Records are repressing it in time for the 10th anniversary in March, along with two other out of print MF DOOM titles: DANGERDOOM, his collaboration with Danger Mouse, and NEHRUVIANDOOM, with teenage rap prodigy Bishop Nehru.

The album features a monologue by poet and author Charles Bukowski, guest spots by Wu-Tang Clan legends Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, and production from J Dilla, Madlib, Jake One and DOOM himself. Stand out tracks include ‘Angelz’, ‘That’s That’ and Dilla productions ‘Gazzillion-Ear’ and ‘Lightworks’.
The vinyl has one of the most deluxe sleeves ever released on Lex: double vinyl, debossed, embossed, spot-gloss designs on the inners with the back cover foiled in gunmetal. Artwork by Ehquestionmark.
It was met with huge critical acclaim on it’s release.
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