V/A, Esterno Notte Vol.3  
Esterno Notte Vol.3
Label: Four Flies
Release Year: 2020
Style: Library & Exotica
  Pippo Caruso - L'incubo e il serpente
Pippo Caruso - Discossession
Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera - Discossession
Stelvio Cipriani - Astaroth
Pippo Caruso - Evasione quadrupla
Gian Paolo Chiti, Sergio Montori - Desperation and Money
Pippo Caruso - Masturbation Riff
Domenico Modugno, Gianni Oddi - La Sbandata - M1
Stelvio Cipriani - Uragano sulle Bermuda (Bermudas Disco) - M11
Alessandro Blonkensteiner - Afrika Erotika - M5
Franco Godi - Addio Ultimo Uomo - M2
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - I Metodi di Piedone
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Gira e rigira
Alessandro Alessandroni - La professoressa di scienze naturali - M24
Carlo Savina - Nove ospiti per un delitto - Seq. 1"
  4 years later than “Volume 1”, and two years after “Volume 2”, here is the final and last in the series “Esterno Notte Vol. 3”. The trip continues through the unexplored lands of the Italian cinematic groove, unearthing new pearls buried for too long. While the previous chapters consisted of lost jazz-funk materials, mostly recovered from the mythical Italian RCA archive, this time this new volume concerns more in frightening and amazing tunes, used for horror, thriller, erotic and violent-pop movies.
The result is a deep journey into the secret history of the second half of the 70’s Italian soundtracks, focusing on sounds that were designed for cityscape chases, high-tension scenes, erotic nights, haunting and dream-like sequences.
A collection of stunning jazz-funk, cinematic prog and urban disco, unveiling rare or unreleased tracks composed by some of the hip names of the Italian Scene: Alessandro Alessandroni, Pippo Caruso (performed by Goblin), Stelvio Cipriani, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera, Gianni Oddi, Carlo Savina, Alessandro Blonksteiner, Franco Godi, Sergio Chiti & Gian Paolo Montori.
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