Dan Lacksman, Dan Lacksman  
Dan Lacksman
Dan Lacksman
Label: Real Gone Music
Release Year: 1973
Style: Jazz & Blues
  1. Love You Every Day
2. Sunshine is Gone
3. Jet Set Woman
4. Happiness is a Cold Beer
5. Monday Morning
6. I Start a Dream Today
7. Skylab
8. Sad Way
9. In the Middle of the Road
10. Give It Up
11. When We're Looking At the Barmaid
12. For Mary
  Lacksman already had an album (Flamenco Moog) and a minor European hit (“Coconut”) under his belt when he recorded 1973’s Dan Lacksman, which is a true outlier in his catalog in that it features him on guitar (!) and voice (!!) along with his usual keyboard wizardry. As such, it’s probably his most accessible record for those approaching his music from a strictly rock background. An early version of “Skylab” hints at the grand version to come on Tchip Tchip; some of the album sounds like a Belgian version of Steely Dan, and at times you might even hear a little early Eno/Robert Wyatt/Kevin Ayers prog punctuated by a couple of drinking songs. Overall, it’s a progressive pop singersongwriter album and a bit of a trailblazer at that…which explains why original copies go for a mint. Out on CD and a neon green vinyl pressing limited to 900 copies!  
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