Ken Nordine, Word Jazz  
Ken Nordine
Word Jazz
Label: Pleasure For Music
Release Year: 1957
Style: Jazz & Blues
  What Time Is It? 3:48
My Baby 2:36
Sound Museum 7:09
The Vidiot 5:30
Roger 5:05
Hunger Is From 3:47
Looks Like It's Going To Rain 3:27
Flibberty Jib 4:42
  Beautiful Jazz poetry  
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  1. V/A
The Key To Our Love Vol.1
  2. Derrick Cross
Never Too Much
  3. Benedek
Mr. Goods
  4. Crimeapple
Matalos Con Mas Exitos
  5. DJ Muggs The Black Goat
Dies Occidendum
  6. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & London Symphony
  7. Mad Honey
Upward Bound
  8. Roots
  9. Satoshi & Makoto
CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences
  10. Willie The Kid
Capital Gains