Bless The Mad, Bless The Mad  
Bless The Mad
Bless The Mad
Label: Stay The Course Records
Release Year: 2021
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Bless The Mad
A2 Show Me The Way
Featuring – Edson Sean
A3 Ancestors (Part One)
A4 Mama’s Land
Featuring – D.A.P. (9), Silka
A5 Fall Dead
Featuring – Gaia Earthpeace
A6 Rio Darkness
A7 Interlude (For Ra)
B1 Ra’s Lament
Featuring – ArinMaya, Edson Sean
B2 Inside Tha Danja Zone
B3 I Wanna Give To You
Featuring – Edson Sean, Silka
B4 Ancestors (Part Two)
Featuring – ArinMaya, Silka
B5 Russian Summer
B6 Love Me
B7 We Must Carry On
  Maxwell Street Flea Market, the famous open-air Chicago institution where the Chicago Blues was first heard, also, in no trivial way, gave birth to this:


Ibrahem Hasan and Matthew Rivera, Chicagoans through and through, a Palestinian and a Puerto Rican Jew, met there, during the market’s second iteration on Canal street, both digging furiously for records, books, and old recording gear.

Hailing from opposite ends of the city, they connected at its center, every Sunday, rain or shine, among the forgotten objects that washed up there. Max was church; a living museum of old Chicago from which to learn and draw inspiration. For the budding beat-makers participating in hip-hop’s golden age, the flea was an important 6th element.

BLESS THE MAD, the group’s self-titled debut, is an audio collage and musical tribute to those years in Chicago as they experienced them. It represents and connects all the dots, from their break-obsessed early years to their current roles as ambassadors of militant jazz, tough soul, and spiritual rap exotica. It is a loving homage to the past with an eye toward the future.

Dig the music or don’t, but you must BLESS THE MAD.
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