Windsurfer, The Gone City  
The Gone City
Label: Suntic/Phantom Island
Release Year: 2021
Style: Pop & Rock
  1.All This and Others 04:41
2.Windmill 04:55
3.Fm Am Im 09:41
4.Serve First 05:03
5.Surf, Wait 02:45
6.The Waves 04:48
7.Wind Unit 04:21
8.We Live as We Dream 05:01
9.ü Hell 04:42
10.It's a Sony-Battery Love 05:08
11.Harmony 67 06:32
12.Banchetto 08:11
13.The Old News
  For over 10 years, Windsurfer has performed and recorded music that spans from kraut electronics to early hip hop and electro funk. After three EPs, the duo from Zurich, Switzerland, is releasing their first full-length album on double vinyl. Equipped with a diverse setup of electronic instruments, drum machines and outboard effects, they fuse their mostly instrumental music with percussions and chopped sounds. Sometimes guest musicians, reciting poetry or playing wind instruments, are involved. Based on improvised arrangements, they overdub layered sounds on tape to create their own nostalgia of a bygone city. It’s their second release on Phantom Island and the relaunch of the iconic label Suntic Records. This limited edition double vinyl comes in a mixed down format by legendary Swiss DJ Kayzee.  
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