Black Soprano Family, Long Live DJ Shay  
Black Soprano Family
Long Live DJ Shay
Label: MNRK Records
limited edition
Release Year: 2022
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Intro (Feat. Westside Gunn & Fuego Base) • A2 Shay Face (Feat Benny The Bucher & Rick Hyde)
A3 297 Parkside (Feat. Elcamino & Stove God Cooks, Rick Hyde) •
A4 Danger Zone (Feat. Ot the
Real, Heem, Rick Hyde) •
A5 Pandemic Flow (Feat. Conway the Machine & Cory Gunz) •
A6 Bastard
Child •
A7 Sit Down at Preemo (Skit)
B1 Times Is Rough (Feat Benny The Butcher, Heem, Rick Hyde)
B2 Mustachios (Feat.Chase Fetti & Boldy James)•
B3 Li-Lo (Feat. Loveboat Luciano, Elcamino &
Krayzie Bone) •
B4 Missing DJ Shay (Joe Budden Interlude) • B5 Bigger BSF (Feat.Benny the Butcher
& Armani Caesar) •
B6 Broady (Feat. Elcamino & Heem)
B7 Mr. Pyrex Man (Feat Benny the Butcher)
  Long Live DJ Shay is a celebration of the legacy & impact of DJ Shay, not only for B$F and Griselda, but for his lasting impact on the culture. Shay met Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, and Westside Gunn in the 2000s, and began a bountiful collaboration of producing, recording, and managing them, forming a brotherhood that lasted until his untimely demise. He recognized the incredible talent in these three rappers early on - and other artists that entered the B$F and Griselda fold - and championed them unconditionally as the rest of the world caught up. RIP DJ Shay

Featuring Production by DJ Shay, DJ Premier, SixFiggaDigga, Camoflauge Monk, Rick Hyde, Alchemist, Lrybrdbtz, ILL Tone Beats, Jansport, Fesh Ayr & Wavy Wes
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