Jonathan Kirby, Safe To Disconnect 2  
Jonathan Kirby
Safe To Disconnect 2
Label: Second Thoughts Records
limited edition
Release Year: 2023
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Best Of Seven 01:54
2. Fountain Avenue 02:22
3. Giving Up The Thing You Love 02:31
4. Irving 03:03
5. New Girl 02:00
6. Running Away 03:42
7. Breezy Hollow 01:47
8. Night Walk 02:25
9. Tangle 00:49
10. Walk On Music For The Sun 02:48
11. Spice Row 02:25
12. Crossroads 03:06
13. So Much In Love 05:14
14. Shibuya Busy Signal 02:23
15. 3BR House (Downtempo Dub) 04:14

  Safe To Disconnect II dives deeper into the dialog sparked in 2021 with the release of Safe To Disconnect. Having assembled his home studio and crude debut in just two weeks, Safe To Disconnect II benefits from a more measured and deliberate songwriting process. While each of the LP’s fifteen compositions were composed and recorded in single sittings, the depth and dimension of each new entry renders more focused incarnations of Kirby’s previous stream-of-conscious conjurings.

Buoyed by the unexpected success of Safe To Disconnect, Jonathan Kirby left his Akai MG-614 cassette 4-track powered up for the remainder of 2021, returning to the console as inspiration struck. A Fender Rhodes was purchased from the estate of a Moravian trombonist. A Hammond organ was donated by a local bar owner. A few digital gadgets were shipped to North Carolina from India. These new elements and textures were integrated into the rich stock of cascading synthesizers, sing-song melodies, and earthy drones abundant on Safe To Disconnect.

To satisfy curiosity, Kirby set aside one evening in July of 2022 to make reference mixes of everything recorded in the year preceding. Quickly amassing ninety minutes of compositions, sketches, and experiments, Safe To Disconnect II was eminent. Fans of this new collection will find themselves revisiting the first installment; like a conversation that stretches from late night into early morning, Safe To Disconnect II brings hazy notions to brilliant conclusions. From the extravagant to the intimate, this collection is perfect for active and passive listeners alike.
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