The Cloaks, A Cloak Rework Orange  
The Cloaks
A Cloak Rework Orange
Label: Ooohh! Thats Heavy / Mism
Release Year: 2023
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Introduction
Producer – Awkward
A2 All Wear Cloaks
Remix – Controller 7
Scratches – Sir Beans
A3 Gift Of Strife
Remix – D-Styles
Scratches – Sir Beans
A4 Solid Buck
Remix – Aceyalone
Scratches – D-Styles
B1 Cloaks IPA
Featuring – Demrick, Pawz One
Remix – OG Calmer
Scratches – Sir Beans
B2 Friday Night Flavors
Remix – Awkward
Scratches – Roach The DJ
B3 Flammable Cloaks
Remix – Factor Chandelier
Scratches – D-Styles
B4 Covenant Of The Cloaks
Featuring – Dose One, Megabusive, Mestizo, Quaesar
Remix – Awkward
Scratches – D-Styles, Sir Beans
C1 52 Card Pick Up
Remix – Awol One
Scratches – Sir Beans
C2 Fiend Mode
Remix – Aceyalone
Scratches – Sir Beans
C3 Not Your Average
Featuring – Aceyalone
Remix – Awkward
Scratches – Sir Beans
C4 Nameless Ghosts
Remix – Kenny Segal
Scratches – Sir Beans
D1 Speakers Up
Remix – Paris Zax
Scratches – Sir Beans
D2 Really Matters
Remix – Fono
Scratches – D-Styles
D3 Join Malkovich
Featuring – Brevi
Remix – Paris Zax
Scratches – Sir Beans
D4 Hold Your Breath
Remix – Megabusive
Scratches – Sir Beans
  The Cloaks, comprised of seasoned LA emcees Awol One and Gel Roc, hailing from the legendary Project Blowed Crew [Mass Men, Shape Shifters, and Ex2]. Producer Awkward and DJ’s D-Styles and Sir Beans. Renowned for their innovative approach to hip-hop, The Cloaks are back with a captivating new project – A Cloak Rework Orange.

The Cloaks have cultivated a dedicated following within the underground hip-hop scene. Their authenticity and commitment to pushing creative boundaries have solidified their status as pioneers, resonating with fans and fellow artists, who appreciate the raw, unapologetic nature of their craft.

A Cloak Rework Orange stands as a bold reimagination of their third installment, featuring an impressive lineup of the planet's best DJs and producers. The collaborative effort includes talents such as Aceyalone, Controller7, D-Styles, OG Calmer, Kenny Segal, Factor Chandelier, Megabusive, Paris Zax, Fono, Awol One, and Awkward, the original producer of the skillfully crafted A Cloakwork Orange (2022).

A Cloak Rework Orange delivers a gritty magical realism that sparks intrigue without feeding into paranoia. The album stands as a testament to The Cloaks' ability to weave intricate narratives, inviting listeners to explore uncharted territories within the realms of sound. Embark on a sonic journey with The Cloaks, as they invite you to experience A Cloak Rework Orange.

Limited to 150 copies
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