DJ Harrison, Stashboxxx  
DJ Harrison
Label: Ropeadope Records
Release Year: 2018
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 Sundaze
A2 PedalDrumz
A3 MoonMen
A4 Side Effects
A5 Ooh Girl
A6 Door #1/Door #2
A7 Family Tied
A8 Late Ride
A9 Don't Need / Fraindly Space Cowboy
A10 JherlKurlz
A11 Directions Change
B1 SnoopRX
B2 Cyclobenze
B3 Erykah's Gun
B4 Dilla's Eclair
B5 Carnaval '74
B6 Let Me Know
B7 Dunnhill Interlude
B8 Pastures / Cowpies
B9 Giza
B10 She Think She Qtron
C1 Melvin Jones
C2 Jonny Quest, Haji, and Bandit
C3 Pete Rockin'
C4 Portrait of Black Jesus
C5 Feel the Burn
C6 King Herot
C7 Who You Runnin From?
C8 Melotronic
C9 NoseBleed
C10 Butcher Brown Interlude
C11 Echo Parking
C12 Block Party 4 Yall
C13 Final Level of Stashboxxx
D1 Portrait Of Black Jesus
D2 Feel The Burn
D3 King Herat
D4 Who You Runnin From?
D5 Mel Otro Ic
D6 Nosebleed
D7 Butcher Brown Interlude
D8 Echo Parking
D9 Block Party 4 Y'all
D10 Final Level Of Stashboxxx
  DJ Harrison's first full collection of tapes from 2014 - the first release on RVA's Jellowstone Records via Ropeadope, available on vinyl for the very first time. Nods to his heroes abound, but the sound is distinctly Devonne Harris  
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Amerikkkan Korruption
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Charles Bals presents. Club Meduse
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  2. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
The Serpent's Mouth
  3. Pablo Color
La Calle Roja
  4. Bobby Wright
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Funky Reggae
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  7. Danny Watts
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  8. Hailu Mergia
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  10. Leonard Chin
What More Can I Say